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NEOSITY is the first job platform that connects neurodivergent individuals with supportive employers.

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Why We Add Value To Employers?

By recognizing and celebrating neurodiversity, companies can create environments that thrive on the strengths and capabilities of all employees

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Unlock unique skills with a diverse talent pool on NEOSITY.

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Pioneering Excellence: Top Employers which Thrive by Championing Neurodiversity for Innovation and Success.

European Neurodiversity Roundtable

Neurodiversity Engagement and Opportunity Network

Our initiative, NEON, is a dynamic platform for integrating neurodiversity into corporate culture, aimed at uniting industry leaders to exchange insights and form inclusive strategies. This roundtable invites participants to make neurodiversity a key part of corporate practice, enriching perspectives and talents. Register Now!

Case Studies

Introduction In recent years, streaming giants like Netflix and Disney Plus have taken significant strides in representing neurodivergent characters on screen. This …

Introduction In the vast world of online bookshops, Makes Sense To Me ( shines brightly as a lifeline for the neurodivergent community. …

Empowering Neurodiversity Through Football: The Steilpass Initiative at VfL Wolfsburg and Beyond In a groundbreaking move, VfL Wolfsburg spearheads the inspiring Steilpass …

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