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Discover a revolutionary platform designed to reshape the way you approach talent acquisition and career growth. NEOSITY is not just a job platform; it’s a catalyst for cultivating unity innovation, and success. Join us on a journey where diversity meets opportunity.

Elevate Your Hiring Experience with NEOSITY

It’s important to note that the benefits of a neurodiverse workplace extend beyond the individual, positively influencing the overall culture and performance of the organization. By recognizing and celebrating neurodiversity, companies can create environments that thrive on the strengths and capabilities of all employees

Access a Diverse Talent Pool

Connect with a curated pool of neurodivergent individuals, bringing unique skills and perspectives to your organization.

Efficient Recruitment

Streamline your hiring processes with our intuitive platform. Post jobs, review applications, and find the perfect fit seamlessly.

Unity in Recruitment

NEOSITY is your partner in promoting diversity. Gain access to resources and insights to create a welcoming workplace that values every individual.


Starter 30


Neurodiversity Celebration Offer! 

  • Advertise for 30 days
  • Company Feature
  • Self-Service

Starter 90


Neurodiversity Celebration Offer! 

  • Advertise for 90 days
  • Company Feature
  • Self-Service

Nursing & Healthcare

  • Advertise for 60 days
  • Company Feature
  • Self-Service



Neurodiversity Celebration Offer! 

  • Advertise for 30 days
  • Company Feature
  • Self-Service
  • Individual Ad
  • Social Media Campaign
  • incl. 1000€ Media Budget



Early Bird Offer

  • Advertise for 60 days
  • Company Feature
  • Self-Service
  • Individual Ad
  • Prioritized Placement
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Display Campaign
  • Personal Contact Person
  • incl. 1000€ Media Budget

Book a Consultant

  • 1h Meeting to discuss
  • Adapting Recruitment Process
  • Setting Up Neurodiversity Program
  • Coaching
  • Retention Strategies
  • Recruiting Strategies
  • Advertising Strategies

NEOSITY Targeted Recruitment-Tool​

Our tool offers precision in finding high-quality job applicants quickly and effectively. With features that allow targeted job ads, applicant filtering based on specific criteria, and seamless communication, you’ll find the best match for your company. Our algorithm optimizes postings to reach the most relevant candidates, while our candidate management tools help track each applicant and streamline the hiring process. The goal is to save you time and resources in finding the right candidates. Trust our platform to help you attract a wider pool of applicants and increase your chances of finding the perfect match.

Your Challenges

Addressing potential applicants from a specific target group with precision is always a big challenge on the Internet.

With our Audience Network, consisting of qualified user profiles and very precise targeting, we can reach and address your desired candidates together – exactly where they prefer to be.

Your Benefits

Qualified Outreach:

Reach your potential applicants quickly without large scattering losses

Brand Saftey:

Place your brand exclusively in the advertising environments that are right for it.

Perfect Targeting Parameters:

Recruiting related targeting options to deliver the best results: Field of activity, Career-Level, Branch, Job-Titel, Region, Employer, Age group, high motivation to switch, size of the company...

Service + Plug and Lead:

Benefit from our more than 20 years of experience, use our advice, our AdTechSetup and our service thoughts for your success. We help you achieve your goals according to your ideas

Success in just a few steps:

1) Tell us your Goals, timings and Target Audience
2) Fix and finetune your Goals, timings and Target Audience together with our Experts
3) Deliver your Creative or let us do them for you 🙂
4) Ready set go - you are about to go live!


Hiring neurodiverse individuals provides many benefits for employers including fresh perspectives, expanded talent pools, and new ways to solve problems.

Access diverse perspectives

1) Unique perspectives and cognitive strengths, which can contribute to innovative problem-solving and creativity.

2)Diverse ways of thinking can lead to more comprehensive and effective solutions, fostering a dynamic and adaptable work environment.

Boost problem-solving

1) Detail, pattern recognition, or other specialized skills that can contribute to increased productivity

2) Exceptional attention can excel and bring about improved efficiency.

3) Leverage different thinking styles to come up with creative solution

Personal and Professional Growth

1) By fostering a welcoming workplace that values neurodiversity, employers can create a positive and supportive atmosphere.

2) Neurodiverse individuals who feel accepted and appreciated are more likely to be engaged and loyal employees, leading to higher retention rates

Enhanced Company Reputation

1) Embracing neurodiversity demonstrates a commitment to a Diversity and Community Commitment, positively impacting the company's reputation.

2) Customers and clients are more inclined to support businesses that actively promote diversity, contributing to a positive brand image.

Access to a Larger Talent Pool

1) By actively seeking neurodiverse candidates, employers tap into a broader talent pool and attract individuals with unique skill sets.

2) This inclusivity can help fill skill gaps, particularly in areas where  individuals may excel, providing a competitive advantage in the recruitment process


Elevate Your Talent Acquisition Game 

“Amplify your talent acquisition with NEOSITY’s targeted job ads. Reach a diverse pool of skilled candidates, ensuring your opportunities are seen by neurodivergent individuals. Elevate your recruitment game and embrace neurodiversity with NEOSITY’s dynamic job ads.”

Unlock Excellence in Hiring: NEOSITY’s Strategic Consulting for Next-Level Recruitment

“Transform your recruitment strategy with NEOSITY’s expert consulting services. Gain valuable insights, optimize processes, and receive personalized guidance to make your hiring journey more effective. Elevate your recruitment game with NEOSITY’s strategic consulting.”

Lead with unity: NEOSITY’s Expertise in Crafting Impactful Neurodivergent Programs

“Lead the way in welcoming workplaces with NEOSITY. Our experts specialize in setting up impactful neurodivergent programs for companies. Unleash the potential of your workforce, foster innovation, and create an open culture that sets your company apart.”

Team Empowerment Redefined: NEOSITY’s Expert Coaches Transform Collaboration Dynamics

“Empower your teams with NEOSITY’s coaching services. Our expert coaches provide tailored support for both neurodivergent individuals and their neurotypical counterparts. Enhance collaboration, improve communication, and build a workplace where every team member thrives.”


Retain, Thrive, Succeed: NEOSITY’s Strategic Retention Solutions for Inclusive Excellence

“Retain top talent with NEOSITY’s strategic retention solutions. Our tailored strategies focus on creating inclusive cultures that resonate with neurodivergent individuals. Ensure a workplace that not only attracts but retains diverse talent for sustained success and innovation.”

It’s essential for employers to create an inclusive workplace culture that values and supports neurodiversity. This involves providing appropriate accommodations, fostering understanding among employees, and offering training programs to ensure that everyone feels respected and included.