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About Company

Feinripp Studios is a Digital Boutique for Sales and Performance Design.

Data fuels Success: Welcome to Feinripp Studios, a Digital Boutique for Sales & Performance Design. Our mission? Empowering businesses to sell smarter and more efficiently.

We work the way we wish our own service providers would work, too. And the way we like to operate as individuals.

Our story is also our philosophy. We work from everywhere and are always in sync with the zeitgeist of new work. We love speed, quality, and freedom. We live for efficient meetings, agile methods, and visualizing processes rather than producing hundreds of pages of presentations. We dislike stagnation. Standing still means not acting in tune with the times and not being able to deliver what our clients truly expect from us. We are passionate salespeople. And we know: advertising has to be aesthetically pleasing, but at the end of the day, it also has to sell. And we despise problems. That’s why we simply solve them.

Feinripp Studios is a company dedicated to the engagement for equity and diversity. We firmly believe that every individual, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, political beliefs, worldviews, religion, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, or neurodiversity, deserves equal opportunities and possibilities.

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Jochen Ihl

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