European Neurodiversity Roundtable

Neurodiversity Engagement and Opportunity Network

Our initiative, NEON, is a dynamic platform for integrating neurodiversity into corporate culture, aimed at uniting industry leaders to exchange insights and form inclusive strategies. This roundtable invites participants to make neurodiversity a key part of corporate practice, enriching perspectives and talents. Join now!

Why Join NEON: Participation in NEON positions your company as a forward thinking leader, prepared to meet future challenges by embracing neurodiversity.


Direct access to a network of like-minded


Facilitating knowledge exchange and Partner Opportunities


Better integration of diverse talents


Attracting top talent and access to broader, unique talent pool


Improving engagement and retention

Become a part of NEON


Start: Beginning of September

Become Neurodiverse ready with us and our great Partners. 

Roundtable Formats:

Monthly Online Snippets: 30min-1h, expert-led sessions on key neurodiversity topics.

Biannual Hybrid Events: Extended sessions incl. workshops and networking opportunities.

Our Partners

Potentia Workforce, specializing in neurodiversity employment, enhances workplaces with its STARS and EMPOWER programs. They’ve partnered with major firms like Microsoft and Chevron, boosting productivity and retention. For details, visit Potentia Workforce.

The Neurodiversity & Entrepreneurship Association (NEA) connects neurodiversity and entrepreneurship by offering a platform for innovative activities, networking, and resources. They also host significant events such as the NEA2024 Conference. For more details, visit NEA Global.

Unquiet Media creates multi-platform content focused on psychological themes, targeting mainstream audiences. Their offerings range from film production to consultancy, emphasizing neurodiversity and mental health in the media sector. Visit Unquiet Media for more information.

Data fuels Success: Welcome to Feinripp Studios, a Digital Boutique for Sales & Performance Design. Our mission? Empowering businesses to sell smarter and more efficiently. For  Details visit Feinripp Studios