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About Company

Who are we actually?

And what can we do for your dog?

We, Sanaz and Jochen, are the hearts behind Snuggle Dreamer. Sanaz is an industrial designer and develops the products and Jochen takes care of marketing and most of the rest. What unites us is our love for dogs and our entrepreneurial spirit. We are proud that we have been able to win so many customers who can no longer imagine any other bed for their four-legged friends. The special thing about the snuggle dreamer dog cave is that dogs can decide for themselves how they want to lie. Thanks to the unique opening system, they can climb into their cozy cave independently, cover themselves and are always wrapped up warm.
We humans usually like the room to be a little cooler when we sleep and without a warm blanket many dogs would freeze. And if dogs want something a little more airy, there is an open lying area in the front part of the snuggle dreamer. Senior dogs in particular have special requirements for their sleeping space.

The dog cave was just the beginning! Little by little, more and more products were added: dog beds, dog cushions, collars and more and more for dog owners.

Did you know that dogs dream too?

And probably even more than us humans, because they sleep up to 20 hours a day. We think anyone who spends so much time dozing deserves a cozy and cozy retreat! One that not only looks good, but also gives our best friends a healthy and truly relaxed night’s sleep. Unfortunately, we searched for it ourselves in vain. For example, most beds are not washable or are otherwise impractical. Many smell so strongly of chemicals that even we humans wouldn’t want to sleep in them and most of them don’t have a particularly comfortable surface to lie on. But we didn’t want to make any compromises, so we founded snuggle dreamer.

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