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Exceptional Minds, Innovative Media: Unquiet Media’s Quest for Neurodiversity in Creativity

Dear NEOSITY Community,

In a recent, enlightening conversation with Rosie Higgins, Project Lead at Unquiet Media, I was afforded a deep dive into an organization that stands at the intersection of creativity and scientific inquiry. Unquiet Media, through its innovative fusion of content production and insights from psychology and neuroscience, is pioneering a new frontier in media and consultancy. Today, I’m thrilled to share the insights from our discussion, detailing the remarkable work of Unquiet Media, their EXCEPTIONAL MINDS project, and the dedicated team behind these transformative initiatives.

Unquiet Media: The Confluence of Creativity and Science

Unquiet Media is at the forefront of blending traditional media production with the nuanced understanding derived from psychology and neuroscience. Their diverse portfolio spans traditional screen productions to bespoke branded content, alongside a comprehensive array of consultancy services. What sets Unquiet Media apart is their commitment to redefining the media landscape with a focus on neurodiversity and mental health, breaking down conventional barriers and providing fresh perspectives on content creation and workplace inclusivity.

The Exceptional Team Leading the Charge

The force behind Unquiet Media’s innovative drive is a fully female core team, each member bringing decades of experience in the media industry and expertise in clinical and neurodevelopmental psychology. This powerhouse team comprises:

Rosie Higgins, the visionary Project Lead, who, during our conversation, shared the strategic direction and empathetic ethos driving Unquiet Media.

Shivani Lamba, the astute Lead Consultant, adeptly translates scientific theory into practice for Unquiet Media’s content, research, and strategies.

Georgia Young Jones, the Lead Designer and Researcher, whose creativity and detailed research significantly bolster Unquiet Media’s output.

Supported by a diverse advisory panel that includes global leaders in the creative industry, academics, and individuals with lived neurodivergent experiences, Unquiet Media ensures their initiatives are both innovative and deeply rooted in authenticity.

The Pillars of Unquiet Media

During our conversation, Rosie emphasized the core pillars guiding Unquiet Media’s work: Entertain, Educate, Listen, Be Accessible, Squash Stigmas, and Celebrate Diversity. Each pillar reflects their commitment to not just creating content but fostering a platform where neurodivergent voices are heard, understood, and valued.

EXCEPTIONAL MINDS: Illuminating the Path Forward

At the heart of Unquiet Media’s transformative agenda lies the EXCEPTIONAL MINDS project. This UK Government-funded initiative is a comprehensive effort to dismantle barriers for neurodivergent individuals in the creative sector. By engaging with over 100 neurodivergent professionals and consulting with companies across the industry, EXCEPTIONAL MINDS seeks to understand and then advocate for a workplace that is truly accommodating and inclusive.


The Research Journey and Its Revelations

Unquiet Media’s investigation has so far spanned both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, delving into key metrics of workplace diversity and conducting secondary research across the creative industries. Their engagements with neurodivergent individuals and companies of various sizes have been instrumental in understanding the practical and realistic changes needed to foster a neuroinclusive environment. This groundbreaking research has already begun to reshape perceptions, guiding the development of initiatives and resources designed to foster inclusivity and understanding within the creative sector.

Forging the Future: What EXCEPTIONAL MINDS Will Deliver

Rosie shared that Unquiet Media is on the brink of releasing a suite of resources designed to demystify neurodiversity, debunk stereotypes, and provide practical guidance for employers and neurodivergent talent alike. These resources aim to:

  • Educate employers on fostering neuroinclusive work practices.
  • Empower neurodivergent individuals with strategies for navigating the sector.
  • Change narratives around neurodivergence in the creative industries.


Looking Ahead with Anticipation

As we eagerly await the release of Unquiet Media’s resources and further updates on the EXCEPTIONAL MINDS project, let’s remain steadfast in our support for neurodiversity. Inspired by Rosie Higgins and her exceptional team, we are committed to building a more inclusive and understanding world.

Thank you for your unwavering support and engagement. Together, we’re not just envisioning a more inclusive future; we’re actively building it, one project, one conversation, one innovation at a time.

Rosie Higgins: Visionary Project Lead of Unquiet Media

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