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Celebrating Neurodiversity with ADHD Babes

Celebrating Neurodiversity with ADHD Babes

ADHD Babes is a pioneering community group dedicated to supporting Black women and non-binary people of African-Caribbean descent who are navigating the challenges and unique experiences of ADHD. Founded by the amazing Vivienne Isebor, the organization has grown into a vital resource that not only fosters understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity but also actively combats the underdiagnosis and misrepresentation of Black women in the ADHD community.

Mission and Vision

ADHD Babes is more than just a support group; it’s a movement geared towards creating safer, empowering spaces where members can flourish. The organization’s mission is to build a supportive community that encourages peer connections, shares lived experiences, and provides educational resources to help members manage and embrace their neurodivergence.

Comprehensive Support and Resources

ADHD Babes offers a variety of services designed to support every aspect of living with ADHD. These include regular support sessions, mental health and wellbeing resources, diagnosis support, and educational workshops. For instance, members can benefit from fortnightly support group meetings, remote working sessions, and access to a wealth of ADHD-related information through newsletters, social media platforms, and their podcast series which discusses various aspects of living with ADHD​ (ADHD Babes)​.

Engaging Projects and Workshops

The organization also runs specific projects and workshops that address the intersectional impacts of being Black and neurodivergent. These include trauma recovery and wellbeing programs, which use alternative wellness approaches to healing. These programs are not only about treatment but also about community building, creating a space where members can share their experiences and find collective healing​ (ADHD Babes)​.

Outreach and Awareness

ADHD Babes actively works to raise awareness about the realities of living with ADHD through various media, including a bi-weekly podcast that features discussions on everything from daily struggles to broader societal issues. This initiative helps to amplify the voices of its members and educates the wider public about the diversity within the ADHD community​ (Apple)​.

Community Impact

The impact of ADHD Babes is profound. It provides a crucial platform for those often overlooked by mainstream ADHD resources. By focusing on the specific needs of Black women and non-binary individuals, ADHD Babes not only fills a significant gap in support services but also enriches the lives of its members by fostering a sense of belonging and understanding.

Looking Forward

As ADHD Babes continues to grow, its focus remains on expanding its reach and enhancing its services to ensure that every member of the community receives the support and recognition they deserve. With initiatives like the “Outside the Box” campaign, ADHD Babes is set to continue its vital work in reshaping the narrative around neurodiversity and providing meaningful support to its community​ (Trust for London)​.

For more information on how to support or join ADHD Babes, visit their official website.

Founder of ADHD Babes Vivienne Isebor

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