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4 Results

ADHD Life Coach, ADHD and Neurodiversity Advocate

2 e Twice exceptional, ADHD, AUDHD, AUTISM

Certification: ADHD Life Coach

Elena Weisenburger: Neurodiversity Certified Practitioner, Executive & Team Coach

ADHD, Anxiety, AUTISM, CPTSD, Depression, Dyspraxia

Audience: Companies looking for consultations on creating a neuro-inclusive workplace, training on neuro-inclusive leadership, coaching neurodiverse teams

Type: Remote

Certification: Certified Neurodiversity Professional by International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), Executive Coach/Mentor, EMCC Global Accreditation (EIA), EMCC Accredited Team Coach, EMCC Global Accreditation (ITCA)