TextCortex provides advanced writing assistance and virtual coworker support, accessible globally.

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TextCortex employs a 100% customizable generative AI assistant platform, which is available across devices with 20.000 active integrations, supporting 25+ languages in an industry where everybody only thinks about English.

TextCortex provides an advanced writing assistant and a virtual coworker platform, always available to help. Unlike other AI tools, TextCortex’s integrative and customizable platform approach offers a personalized intelligence experience (PIX).

With customer clusters in English, Germanic, French, and Spanish regions, we are available and used globally. TextCortex is data secure, EU-hosted, and independent from single sources of failures like relying solely on model providers

Knowledge Bases

Knowledge Bases allow you to upload your own documents and retrieve information from them directly within ZenoChat, making your AI companion even more versatile and useful.

You can create your personal info-hub with all the information you want. WYou can even upload an 200-page PDF document and fetch information from it in 3 seconds.

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