is an AI-powered productivity app for individuals with ADHD, offering intuitive note-taking, information recall, and task management.

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“ is a one-stop AI productivity app designed for individuals with ADHD. It allows you to easily note, recall, create insights, and get things done with our simple-design note & to-do list app, featuring best-in-class AI Assistants.  Specifically, here’s what offers:
  • Quickly capture notes and clips via the Chrome Extension without switching tabs.
  • Receive tag suggestions for your notes.
  • Find information based on what you remember.
  • Get relevant suggestions from a personal AI for what you are writing.
  • Use multiple AI bots (GPT-4, Claude 3, Gemini Pro, and Internet search) alongside your notes to brainstorm and write on a single screen.
  • Write tasks directly in your notes and receive reminders until completion.”
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