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"Read&Write for Google Chrome™" is a browser extension that enhances reading and writing with features like text-to-speech

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“Read&Write for Google Chrome™” is a comprehensive browser extension developed to support users in their reading, writing, and research tasks while using Google Chrome. It offers a wide range of features to assist individuals of all ages and abilities, including:

  1. Text-to-speech: This feature allows users to listen to the text on web pages, Google Docs, and other documents read aloud, facilitating comprehension for auditory learners or those with reading difficulties.
  2. Word prediction: As users type, the extension provides predictive suggestions for words, helping to improve writing speed and accuracy.
  3. Vocabulary tools: The extension includes tools for looking up definitions, synonyms, and translations of words encountered while browsing the web or working on documents.
  4. Highlighting and annotation: Users can highlight text and add annotations directly within web pages and Google Docs, making it easier to identify key information and take notes.
  5. Study tools: “Read&Write” offers features such as text and picture dictionaries, voice notes, and study guides to support learning and research efforts.
  6. Screen masking: This feature allows users to focus on specific sections of text by masking out distractions on the screen, enhancing reading comprehension and concentration.

Overall, “Read&Write for Google Chrome™” aims to provide a comprehensive set of tools to make digital content more accessible and empower users to overcome reading and writing challenges.

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