MyCopilot is a virtual assistant designed for ADHD users, providing proactive support for healthier digital habits and seamless task management.

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    • Mental-health, Virtual assistant, Well-being
    • Free and Premium Version is revolutionizing productivity and digital well-being with its innovative approach to virtual assistance. Crafted with the unique needs of individuals with ADHD in mind, goes beyond traditional task management tools by proactively assisting users in creating healthier digital habits.

One of the standout features of is its real-time support system, which intelligently suggests more fruitful activities without requiring users to give up any of their favorite apps. Unlike traditional app blockers that can feel restrictive and frustrating, offers a supportive approach that helps users stay focused and engaged in their tasks.

Another key advantage of is its seamless integration into users’ daily lives. While mental health apps and trackers often require users to remember to use them, takes a proactive approach by reaching out to users when they need support the most. This ensures that users receive assistance exactly when they need it, without the burden of remembering to seek help.

At its core, is designed to empower users to get on with their lives while providing essential support and guidance along the way. Whether it’s staying focused on tasks, managing digital distractions, or simply maintaining a healthier relationship with technology, is the ultimate companion for navigating the modern digital landscape with ease and confidence.