"Believe the Power of Diverse People"

Jochen Ihl


Jochen places neurodiversity at the forefront of his commitment, advocating for inclusive workplaces.

With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience, he has traversed the digital landscape from its nascent stages, founding successful ventures like Feinripp Studios, snuggle dreamer, DryBun, CALLME X, and others. This journey has equipped him with a diverse range of insights and achievements.

Spanning domains such as digital transformation, strategy formulation, and media engagement, Jochen’s expertise serves as a catalyst for industry evolution. He excels in driving dynamic shifts, leveraging his acumen in business development and corporate stewardship.

Jochen’s advocacy for neurodiversity permeates every aspect of his work. He firmly believes in the power of diverse perspectives, striving to create environments where individual strengths are not only recognized but celebrated.

His goal is to inspire and empower others on their path to success.

Languages: German & English

Speaking Topics: