"Empowering Diversity, Igniting Innovation"

Helle Justesen

Neurodiversity Expert

Helle Justesen is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, polymath, author and advocate for neurodiversity. As a Coaching Psychologist with a private practice focused on helping clients overcome diversity and life’s challenges. Helle brings a wealth of experience from multi Industry  consulting, operational management, and DE&I advocacy, in addition to her personal journey living with Dyslexia.

Helle’s passion for DE&I, and innovation drives her work with private and corporate clients. She champions neurodiversity as a force for success. With scientific knowledge and keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the workplace, Helle offers invaluable insights into inclusive leadership, talent acquisition & retention, and cultivating creativity.

As a speaker, Helle captivates audiences with her engaging storytelling, practical advice, and thought-provoking perspectives. Whether addressing large conferences or intimate workshops, Helle’s authenticity and expertise inspire audiences to embrace diversity, unlock their potential, and drive positive change in their organizations.

Languages: Danish & English

Speaking Topics: